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Exciting News From doTerra

Tweet Here we are again, a new month and that means new specials and announcements from doTerra. The company has been very busy… announcing new products, new incentives, and of course it’s that again for the new monthly specials. I’ll get a little more in depth on each of these, but in the meantime, I […]

doTerra Specials: January 2014

Tweet WOW!  And we are already off to a rockin’ New Year. The January specials and incentives have been announced, and like always, doTerra doesn’t disappoint. First up, January 2014 Product of the Month. Wild Orange is a powerful, uplifting citrus scented oil (go figure, right).  According to doTerra, it is cold-pressed from the orange […]

doTerra December Promotions (2013)

Tweet It’s what we’ve all been waiting for… The last day of October 2013 had all the build up of Black Friday and Christmas Morning anticipation rolled in to one.  The Internet was abuzz with rumors and eagerness to find out what doTerra would offer us this month. It was really quite fun…jumping from discussion […]

What Makes doTerra Essential Oils Different…

Tweet It’s not a question. It’s my personal opinion…from personal experience. Today I want to share with you what specifically makes doTerra International a different company. First off, and for the record: I love essential oils. Let me say that right from the beginning. I am fully in love with my essential oils. Since first […]

Are You Looking For A Miracle?

Tweet People approach me all the time about how they can help their children. A lot of the questions come down to behavior. In my ADHD practice, parents are eagerly looking for a non-medication alternative to managing hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention. Friends and family, or just unrelated to ADHD, people want to know how they […]

Life Has Gotten Crazy At Home

Tweet Last week was a rough week for my kids.  It’s actually been a bit of an adjustment for all of us since the kids went to school. Mornings have gotten a lot more difficult and stressful.  Most times I want to pull my hair out. Last Monday, my son managed to get his hands […]

PODCAST: Are Essential Oils Really Safe? (Episode 2)

Tweet Episode 2: Here’s the question that led me to record today’s episode… It was asked in one of the various ‘Essential Oils’ Facebook groups where I am a member and frequently interact. In this episode, I talk about general safety of essential oils, and then compare their relatively safety to that of many common […]

When Have You Ever Been Excited To Get Your Meds?

Tweet Honest question: Can you think of a time in your life when you went to the pharmacy to pick up medications, prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) meds, and been as excited as if it were Christmas morning? Seriously! I don’t know many people who have ever been that excited. And it might even seem like […]